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In order to Improve your recovery rates for Collections, a powerful suite of skip tracing tools to help locate both individuals and businesses is necessary. Using state of the art skip tracing technology we have increased our are of collection over 300%.  We do not stop at a wrong number or a dead lead. We follow every debtor relentlessly until we have located them and demanded payment.

  • We can find the person who oes you any where on the globe
  • Data compiled from more than 10,000 independent sources
  • Ranked results and phonetic matches
  • Administrative feature to monitor and manage users
  • Extensive search tips and online training

Locate debtors

Research has shown that as many as 35% of delinquent debtors move each year and 50% of all accounts received for collections require some form of skip tracing. Our up-to-date, comprehensive database has improved our right party contact by 30%, by leveraging data from 4 billion public records on more than 200 million individuals. This powerful tool returns current addresses, unpublished and cell phone telephone numbers, relatives, roommates, associates, property, work and business locations to improve our skip trace efforts.

Shorten the debt collections cycle

Dynamic Recovery improves debt collections and enhances operational efficiency by insuring our collectors locate debtors quickly and easily through proven skip tracing tools and cost effective online resources.

Simply put. We find who we’re looking for