Success Rate

Success in debt collection depends on many factors. Dynamic Recovery works each claimdebt collection success rate individually without regard for past success. Keeping an open mind on all types of claims has lead to a history of successful recovery actions throughout our tenure in the collection industry. 

We handle each collection issue based on the merits of that particular case, the debtors ability to pay, and our relentless pursuit to collect the money owed. It is 
our stance is that any collection agency that provides you with an iron clad success rate on a particular type of claim i.e. Landlord Tenant/Commercial/Consumer/B2B/Medical is basing this off personal opinion and not hard fact. Dynamic Recovery uses several guidelines to create a successful collection atmosphere.

Guidelines for Increasing our Success

  • Sliding scale commission rate
  • Three phase process
  • Legal Action
  • Treat all cases equally
  • Compartmentalize collection divisions
  • Ensure accurate investigations and skip tracing
  • Communicate with our clients

All of these tactics among others increase our rate of success on each and every case. Our collectors are motivated to collect on the debt submitted to our office and our long standing relationships with our affiliate attorneys allows DRi to facilitate any claim to legal action. We know that our clients have worked hard to provide for their customers and when they do not pay they expect us to work just as if this was our own money we were collecting.

Our Industry Affiliations

To be this successful Dynamic Recovery relies on outside agencies and industry affiliations to cement our ability to collect the funds owed to our clients.  Our complete attorney network is certified by the Commercial Law League of America among and with the Bar in their state.  We work hand in hand with some local jurisdictions in order to track down and notify the persons or business entity that may owe you money in order to increase our actions to collect your money.

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“Dynamic Recovery has collected over 1.2 million in net receivables for our clients in the past year. Handling all types of claims has enabled our agency to have a well rounded approach no matter what the size or nature of the collection.”