How it Works

Our office uses a proven three phase process to negotiate the recovery of your funds. After decades in the collection business we know what it takes to get your money collected.

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Phase 1

Within 24 hours of placing your account the following will happen:

  • Your account is immediately placed into the hands of our staff collectors.
  • The first of four letters is sent to the debtor informing them of the placement of your file with our office.
  • Our collectors will attempt to make contact with your debtor(s) and produce resolution to the matter.

Expect our collectors to place daily phone calls the first 0-14 days in an attempt to contact the debtor. During this period our investigators will also be engaged in skip tracing to find current phone numbers, addresses, and additional contact information. If all attempts to reach a conclusion fail; we go to Phase Two, where we immediately forward the case to one of our affiliated attorneys in the debtor’s jurisdiction.

Phase 2

Upon our office sending your case to a local attorney within our network, you can expect the following:

  • The receiving attorney will immediately draft the first of several letters to the debtor, on their law firm’s letter head demanding the payment owed to you.
  • The receiving attorney’s office or one of their staff members will directly start contacting the debtor via telephone in addition to their office’s letter series being initiated.
  • If all attempts to reach a conclusion to the account continue to fail, we will contact you explain the issues surrounding the case and what we recommend for the next and final step.


Phase 3

Our recommendations will be one of two things:

  • If after a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case and the debtor’s assets, we determine the possibility of recovery is not likely, we will recommend the closure of the case.
  • If our investigation shows the case is viable for proceeding with legal action, you will have a decision to make.
  • If your decision is to not proceed with legal action, we will drop the case and you will owe our office or our affiliated attorneys absolutely nothing.

Our affiliated attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf for all monies owed; including but not limited to, the cost to file this action. If our attempts to collect via litigation fail, the case will be closed. You will owe nothing to our firm or to our affiliated attorney.

This process increases our success rate and the final result is you getting paid.


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