Flat Fee

Our flat fee based collection efforts provide you with an immediate response for a low flat rate. Available only online, the flat fee collection service will print and mail a collection letter or series of collection letters to your delinquent debtor and report them to all three major credit bureaus. The first letter is mailed the next business day following your entering the information.

The letters come from a licensed collection agency but instruct the debtor to pay you directly. There are no additional costs or commissions due us. The flat fee service accelerates the collection process by putting into motion the initial steps of collection instantly.

Many delinquent debtors will recognize that you have elevated your concern for the delinquency to the level of a collection agency and will respond with payment. This is an excellent, inexpensive and efficient tool to motivate a tenant to maintain a clean credit profile and pay arrearages.

Registering for a Flat Fee account with our office is a free one-time process that is fast, easy and secure.