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Our office is the leading expert in debt collection in Canada, specializing in commercial receivables management and consumer debt recovery. We are the international experts in business to business receivables management.  Canadian creditors who are experiencing delinquent debtors in America or in Canada need to look no further.  Our debt collection specialists  and law team has the experience and knowledge you are looking for.

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Continuity in the collection process, from the start of communications through litigation, is critical in Canadian debt collections Dynamic Recovery is an accounts receivable collection agency that has the knowledge and the experience of a Canada collection agency, delivering local impact combined with law office collections that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Collecting Canadian Debt In the United States

Canada Collection Agencies collecting in America have limitations when collecting Canadian Debt in America. The main limitation is that all unresolved Canadian debt collection through phone calls and letters are eventually referred to a local law firm in America specializing in Canadian Accounts Receivable Management.   Based on this factor, wouldn’t it make sense to start with a firm in the United States that has the impact of a Canada accounts receivable agency, the local impact needed with the impact of a law firm?

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